Welcome and Thank You!

Welcome and Thank You!

I wanted to thank everybody who has subscribed and shown an interest in my projects.  I’ve never written a book before, and I’m excited to have it in the final stages to completion.  Writing and rewriting done, editing done, all pics have been finalized, and we are now in the process of putting it all together.  There are also some ancillary projects in the works that I’ll announce soon!

Now I realize there are a lot of men here because I promised nudie pics.  That’s cool.  I don’t mind.  I did and continue to put myself out there.  But what you do with those pics is none of my business, so I appreciate you keeping me out of that part.  Unless you simply want to say great shot or tell me I’m pretty.  Always up for that.

Something that has meant a great deal to me are the people who comment on the artistry of it all.  I know, I know.  Nudie pics?  Artistry!?!  Yep.  Make that fuck yeah.  I take great pride in that part, and I always aim to push myself further and to keep getting better.  So far, so good.  I do consider myself an artist; my medium just happens to be slutty pictures.  

And what has really touched me is hearing from women, some I know and some I don’t, who have told me that what I have written and shared has helped them feel better about themselves, take more selfies, and embrace their own femininity.  That is why I wrote the book.  It’s not just tits and ass, although that part is fun, I wanted to help women feel more empowered and, most importantly, more comfortable in their own skin.  I wanted them to feel beautiful and fucking own it.

Everyone has something unique to offer, and being able to capture that in a snapshot is a helluva rush.  I highly recommend it.  It’s not narcissistic to take and share selfies when you’re in a great mood or feeling beautiful, it’s brave and genuine, particularly on social media.  What’s narcissistic is the d-bags who feel the need to drag others down with their unsolicited digs and jabs.  For the men and women who take a picture of themselves they like, maybe even love, and then share that with the world, I will continue to support you.