The Art of the Ass… Pic

The Art of the Ass… Pic

If you are always disappointed with how that ass pic turns out, and you know you can get a better shot, you can. Chances are, you’re doing it wrong. Here are a couple of pointers for that banging ass pic (pun somewhat intended).

First of all, wear something that’s flattering. It doesn’t matter how fantastic your ass is, if your pants, panties, yoga pants, what have you, aren’t doing you any favors, that shot is going to fall flat. How much you want to reveal is always entirely up to you, but make sure it’s well fitting and enhancing your assets (pun sooo intended).

If you’re doing a quick reach around (stop laughing) type pic, a few little tweaks will make all the difference in the world. First, stand halfway up on your tiptoes on the leg standing closest to the camera. This helps out with the definition of the curve. You know where the booty meets the thigh. That’s the best part, in my opinion, and this trick gives you a little edge.

Secondly, and this is very important, make sure the camera on your phone is positioned on the bottom of the screen, not the top. Trust me, this changes everything. And for the better. And while it’s not the most comfortable position (shut up), turn your head as far around as you can too, so you at least have an idea of what is in frame while your shooting.

And lastly, take lot of pictures. Like a lot. It might take some practice, but when you find your “good side,” meaning the angle, distance, and arm positioning that works best for you, you will know it. The more pictures you take, the better your chances. Just go wild and start shooting. You’ll know it when you see it, and anything you end up not liking, just do what I do; destroy all of the evidence.

Here’s another quick pic I took in the bathroom. Because I’m fucking classy like that.