Welcome New, Not So New, and Very Dear Friends!

Welcome New, Not So New, and Very Dear Friends!

Hey Guys!!!

Thanks for being here! This is similar to the Patreon I’ve recently launched, but I wanted to add a couple of bonuses for the subscribers. First and foremost, instant access. Patreon only bills on the 1st, so for the rest of the month I can only offer a limited preview until payment is made. Here, you can sign up and get instant access. Each tier has new and more encompassing benefits, but all receive something as a thank you for signing up. Even a buck. Showing your support, no matter how much or how little you can afford to spend, means a great deal to me and does not go unnoticed. As a personal aside, I fucking love designing the thank you e-cards individually for everyone. I didn’t know that about myself, but here we are. They’re cool as fuck.

Also, I will be adding a “Vintage Cortney” Gallery. While there is new material weekly or biweekly (depending on the tier), I have a metric fuckton of pictures that I have been taking over the last 3 years. And rather than let them collect dust, digitally speaking, I’ve decided to arrange them into sets and feature them in a gallery. This will be updated regularly. Like really regularly because of aforementioned metric fuckton. I literally have thousands of pictures and hundreds I would be more than happy to feature and share with you. That plus the new material coming out up to weekly, this could go on in perpetuity.

Let me highlight one particular area, Ass Gallery. Yeah, you read that right. So far, 70 and counting. I have an even 100, easy, and I’m still organizing my Dropbox (which is a staggering endeavor). I haven’t even gotten to the last several memory cards stored yet. That plus all the new material I’m taking all the time. So again, this could go on in perpetuity as well. Ass for days, weeks, months, years. Who knows?

So take a look at the tiers. See what fits. See what you like. I would like to point out, however, the “NSFW ish” partial sets, I still wouldn’t open at work. So technically not safe for work. I mean no full-fledged nudity, but you know, just the tip.

Thanks to each and every one of you for subscribing. My first goal will be to finally get that damned book published I won’t shut up about. And then like half a dozen other projects, but first thing’s first. I want Art of the Sexy Selfie in e-book and softcover versions first, then maybe hardcover. Coffee table book anyone? I think it’s a lovely idea. You can help be a part of that while looking at nudie pics on the regular.

As always, I appreciate your support.


Cortney J.